Thursday, January 27, 2011

More :-)

Hello again, not so Cruel World

Okay, because I am still excited...and because I just found this on Publisher's Weekly, here is another article:

Dutton Kids Gets 'Remarkable'
In a two-book pre-empt, Nancy Conescu at Dutton Children's Books bought world English rights to Elizabeth Foley's debut novel, Remarkable. Faye Bender, of Faye Bender Literary, brokered the deal. The book follows a 10-year-old named Jane Doe who is the only "normal" person living in a town called Remarkable that is otherwise full of gifted people. According to Bender, Jane stumbles on a long-buried town secret that leaves her in a position to "decide just how remarkable she wants to be." Remarkable is slated for spring 2012.

Or you can see it for yourself at: