Friday, August 13, 2010


We'd planned on staying up late last night to watch the meteor showers -- but just as it got dark, the sky clouded up and it started to rain. So after enjoying the rainstorm for a while, we went to bed.

Then at about 3 am, Big Dog came to wake me up. He often wakes me up in the morning because he really likes breakfast and thinks that early breakfast is even better than regular breakfast. So, as I was getting ready to explain to him (in a yelling sort of way) that 3 am was not an acceptable breakfast time, I suddenly realized that he wasn't asking for food. Something was making him nervous.

That something turned out to be a coyote that was yipping somewhere down in the arroyo behind our house. The coyote sounded close, but they often sound close when they aren't. I went out on the back porch where I could listen better. There was another coyote, much farther away, yipping back. The clouds had cleared, and the sky was full of stars -- some of them shooting.

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