Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well I've gone and neglected things again...

Hello Cruel World!

Did you miss me?

No? You were expecting me to flake out on having a blog again?

Fair enough. I've been a flake. I got busy. I couldn't think of anything to say. I got distracted by chocolate and new episodes of Modern Family. I got that Kei$ha song stuck in my head (but who didn't?) I finished up a rewrite of my book and send it to my agent, then had an existential crisis because I miss hanging out with my characters. It's weird.

When I started the book, I wasn't that attached to them. I could change their names on a whim. Delete them. Replace them with new ones. Replace the new ones with newer ones. They weren't real yet. They wouldn't be real until I (finally) figured out what the story was about.

By then I was bored with them, and a little irritated too. It was like I was casting a play and had hired the worst actors ever. They just stood there. They didn't seem invested in following the plot arc, interacting with each other, or creating scenes with me. They didn't care if they were funny or just funny to me. Every so often, one of them sassed me. And other characters kept showing up and wanting to do stuff that had nothing to do with the story I thought I was trying to tell.

But then at the end, everyone started working together. The characters finished the story and surprised me all kinds of quirks and insights. I started to enjoy hanging out with them. My benevolence and affection toward them knew no bounds. They went off into the world and brought me back an agent (little darlings!). And now I've sent them off again to seek their fortunes...

And I miss them. My book is off on a journey of its own, and after dithering around for awhile, I've started a new story. But I don't care about these new characters yet, and they are kinda boring and annoying. Their names keep changing and they can't decide with era they live in. They talk funny and they just stand around passively waiting for me to suggest something. I'm sick of them already....

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